Smart Bottle is a Smart Choice for Hydration


Living and training in South Florida and competing in ultramarathons across the nation, hydration is always an issue for me. There are repercussions attached to drinking too much water, and too little, as many of us learn. Typically, water intake and electrolyte balance is something that most of us—athletes and weekend warriors alike—manage by feel and a bit of guess work. STYR Labs, an ecosystem of connected products and customized nutritional products, is about to change that. Their new Smart Bottle, which effortlessly syncs with their free app via Bluetooth, aims to optimize daily hydration, and provide users with updates and recommendations on electrolyte intake.

If you revel in hot yoga, running, cycling, or any other athletic endeavor, it’s likely that you typically have water or some electrolyte-enriched drink on hand. The same holds true for our non-athletic activities: most of us tote water bottles to meetings, on commutes, to activities – just about everywhere. The STYR Smart Bottle resembles many of the stainless steel insulated bottles on the market, the only difference being that it offers an advanced technology to calculate optimal hydration levels based on each user’s motion, biometrics, and environmental conditions. So if you are out for a run in Death Valley in July, chances are that you may need to hydrate a bit more and digest extra electrolytes than say if you were out for a run in New York City in the dead of winter.

If you are like most of us who aspire to ingest our daily intake of water, the Smart Bottle is a great option. It’s embedded, touch-sensitive display located on the smart cap enables users to track daily water intake and manage electrolyte balance by syncing continuously with their patent-pending app, which is compatible with both Android or iOS. And if you are someone who forgets to take a sip when you are immersed in your everyday life, the visual and vibration reminders on the bottle’s cap will come in handy.


Worried about hydration when you fly? The Smart Bottle can help you to determine your hydration needs based on travel time and departure and arrival locations. Like STYR Labs’ activity tracker and their wireless scale, the Smart Bottle adjusts hydration goals based on your unique needs and motion. Additionally, its geo-fencing technology allows the Smart Bottle to be recognized in more than 55,000 gyms around the country. When you leave the gym, your STYR app will remind you to log the workout you completed to help you to maintain your hydration goals. That way, you can manage your hydration needs before, during, and after your workout.

Made from insulated stainless steel, the Smart Bottle keeps drinks cold or hot for hours. It’s durable, easy to tote around, and it comes with single-serve electrolyte mix samples to try, with the option to re-order electrolyte packets directly using the app. If you’re in search of a way to track your daily hydration and/or electrolytes, the Smart Bottle makes drinking water a bit more fun—and for those of us who always seek improvements to our overall well-being and athletic performance, the STYR ecosystem provides some great easy-to-use options!


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