Career Strategy & Coaching

Whether you’re a student entering the workforce, a professional exploring the entrepreneurial route, a corporate executive debating a transition to nonprofit, or a careerist aspiring to climb the corporate ladder, EverythingSmart can help you to gain clarity, create a plan, and transition from aspiration to action. The EverythingSmart team will help you to explore options, achieve focus and confidence, and work with you step-by-step to reach your professional goals.

Areas of specialty:

  • Career Ready: geared for students entering the job market or re-entry into the workforce
  • Career Exploration: geared for professionals debating a career move 
  • Career Transition: geared for professionals interested in changing industries or functions
  • Career Progression: geared for careerists who wish to climb the corporate ladder 

Timing Is Everything

When it comes to partnering with a career coach, timing is everything. Are you ready to move away from your status quo? Ready explore what is working in your life and what is not? Are you open to discovering what your obstacles are and creating a plan to tackle them? Do you seek clarity and want accountability as you navigate next steps? If so, then you are likely ready to begin your transformational journey.

What to Expect If We Join Forces?

  • Initial 30-minute phone consultation – Here’s where we determine if there’s a fit.
  • Questionnaire – This is when I get to learn a bit more than just the topical details and delve into your life and career motivations.
  • Create your dream-job position description—How do you envision spending your days? What does your office look like? Who are your colleagues? Are you an independent contributor or do you work collaboratively? This is key to helping you to get on the right path.

Over the course of our sessions, we will focus on the tactical to the strategic:

  • Resume guidance, to Linked In Profile optimization, to Cover Letters that really cover who and what you have to offer! We will create Sizzle Letters for you to send to potential hiring managers, and develop your Linked In network.
  • We will create targeted job search plans for you, and work on interview prep specific to each and every interview.
  • We will discuss the art of negotiation when it comes to job offers and internships, and when appropriate create a plan for how to succeed in your new job – the first 6 months tend to be stressful!
  • We will create strategic career/life plans for the next 6 months, year, 3 years, and 5 years
  • We will also spend some time discussing wellness goals to help you achieve balance in your life.

While none of us knows what’s ahead, we can certainly identify what matters to us most, and create a plan that is in accord with our skills, pursuits, and passions!

Commitment: 2-3 Months/10 Sessions

How many sessions will it take to get on your way? Typically 10 one-hour sessions over the course of two to three months works best to define your next steps, create an action plan, and for you to gain greater self-knowledge and confidence to plunge forward. Our interactions are typically by phone and Skype/video conference.

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