From Comfortable Distances



When she steps into her first yoga class after a thirty-year hiatus, Tess Rose is unaware that her life is about to transform.  After decades devoted to her thriving career and its seeming success, the serenity she experiences in the yoga room causes Tess to question her path.  What has her fast-paced Brooklyn life been about?  Where is she heading?

Her intersection with the mysterious Neal Clay, whose quiet simplicity and joy for life simultaneously unnerves and fascinates her, fuels her personal transformation. After years of searching for love, in Neal she finds a comrade.  But as her relationship with Neal unfolds, she learns that all routes in life—regardless of how safe they may appear—are fraught with uncertainty. In this story of second chances and the quest to know one’s heart, Tess and Neal navigate the complicated territory of friendship, the intricacy of family ties, and the nature of callings.

From Comfortable Distances explores the role that destiny and faith play in our lives, and how the people we meet along the way can forever alter our journeys.

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