365 Ways to Change Your Life….

  1. Listen.
  2. Walk on the opposite side of the street.
  3. Don’t let yourself be confined (remember: the box you live in is self-imposed).
  4. Make a new friend.
  5. Believe: in yourself, and in others, too.
  6. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
  7. Stop looking for the right person, and start being the right person.
  8. Don’t blame others. It is never about them.
  9. Forgive people.
  10. Be compassionate for yourself and share your compassion with others.
  11. Do not dream of a better moment. Live in the present.
  12. Erase would of, should of, could of from your vocabulary.
  13. Let go of regret.
  14. Say thank you, always.
  15. Be the first person to say I love you.
  16. Sit on a swing in a playground.
  17. Hang upside-down on the monkey bars.
  18. Wake up an hour earlier than you need to and go for a walk.
  19. Cry when you are sad.
  20. Walk around your bedroom with your eyes closed.
  21. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
  22. Watch a candle’s flame in the dark.
  23. Praise other people, but mean it when you praise them. Each time you lift others up, you soar, too.
  24. Never say never.
  25. Listen
  26. Change your mind
  27. Take a book to a coffee shop and spend hours reading
  28. Allow yourself to be out of touch for a day
  29. Go for a run in the rain
  30. Do something that makes you be a beginner (dance class, drawing class)
  31. Share something you have learned with someone you love
  32. Find a star in the sky and make it your star; wish to it each night
  33. Go to the ocean; watch the waves
  34. Give up coffee
  35. Each week, give up one thing that you have always been meaning to give up; let it be your secret
  36. Play charades with friends
  37. Throw a costume party
  38. Do somersaults around your house
  39. Learn to do a headstand: it will help you overcome your fears, and seeing the world upside down really helps!
  40. Invite friends over for a tea party
  41. Each week, try one new food
  42. Walk instead of driving
  43. Think: I can’t believe I did this
  44. Close your eyes and walk in the dark.
  45. Go somewhere you have never been.
  46. Smile when you are sad.
  47. Laugh a lot.
  48. Laugh at yourself.
  49. Share your thoughts with others: always connect.
  50. Sing a song.
  51. Walk backwards
  52. Take a long ride without having a destination
  53. Allow yourself to get lost
  54. Learn about something that you have always wanted to learn about
  55. Baby sit for a friend or family member’s child
  56. Go ice skating
  57. Go bowling with a friend
  58. Believe in miracles–remind yourself each day that miracles can only happen if you open yourself up to them.
  59. Love intensely.
  60. Choose one fear and commit to overcome it.
  61. Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
  62. Paint a picture.
  63. Walk through an old cemetery and read the gravestones.
  64. When you are feeling dark, turn on all the lights.
  65. Moon bathe on the full moon—go outside and sit under the moonlight; listen to the world. See the glowing moon. Smile up into the world unknown.
  66. Try to go a whole day without using the word “I”
  67. Play old records and invite friends over
  68. Spin yourself dizzy
  69. Meditate to the full moon: see yourself as whole
  70. Meditate to the new moon: commit to at least one new beginning
  71. Wish your friends and family well each day
  72. Help an older person
  73. Set an intention each morning
  74. Stare out at the sea; what it’s patterns and breath with it.
  75. Remember that everything in life has it’s own journey; be thankful for sharing other’s journeys, but remember that every person, ever creature is living his or her own journey.
  76. Remind yourself daily that it is not about you.
  77. Feel the ground beneath your feet, always.
  78. Detach from things, but only after you have attached to them.
  79. Ask yourself throughout the day: when do you stop listening?
  80. Go to a movie alone.
  81. Take a vacation by yourself.
  82. Give your friend a pep talk.
  83. Call your parents.
  84. Write and mail letters to your friends.
  85. Take off your watch for a week.
  86. Be silent.
  87. Meditate.
  88. Always ask yourself: where am I?
  89. Read a book a week and write up a summary of what you read. [the last entry can be to start re-reading the books you have read—it will teach you how you have changed]
  90. Do yoga.
  91. Write in a journal every day.
  92. Take a walk each morning. [it’s the only way you will get to notice the things you pass by each day]
  93. Commit to not do something you were supposed to do.
  94. Take a nap.
  95. Dance to a song that you used to love.
  96. Sing in the shower.
  97. Call an old friend.
  98. Invite confusion into your life; it is the beginning of learning.
  99. Stop and look.
  100. Make funny faces at people you pass on the street.
  101. Make a positive difference in someone’s life everyday.
  102. Day dream in color.
  103. Don’t look away from rainbows.
  104. Read aloud for 15 minutes a day.
  105. Meditate.
  106. Open your window
  107. Get lost. It’s the only way you will be able to find your way back.
  108. Write a message on a paper plane and send it off to flight.
  109. Write in a journal every day.
  110. Record your dreams before you get out of bed.
  111. Wake up an hour earlier each day to watch the sunrise.
  112. Wish upon a star.
  113. Make hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.
  114. Toast marshmallows on a hot summer night.
  115. Unplug your phone for a night. Pretend you are on vacation.
  116. Remember that you are a part of other’s dreams as much as they are part of your dreams.
  117. Stop smoking, or stop a friend from smoking.
  118. Spend your downtime reading in bookstores.
  119. Turn off your cell phone.
  120. Forget about email for a day.
  121. Go to the museum alone.
  122. Take a kid to the aquarium.
  123. Stargaze
  124. Find a star in the sky and name it. Each night, look for your star and wish upon it.
  125. Blow bubbles on a sunny day
  126. Always carry a book with you and read it whenever you have a free moment
  127. Bird watch
  128. Carry a camera at all times–take pictures of the things that touch you
  129. Leave a penny, heads up somewhere that you have been (let someone else find it and have a lucky day)
  130. Take a 15-minute break.
  131. Write letters to all the people you have been meaning to call.
  132. Bake cookies to give to your neighbor.
  133. Spin yourself dizzy.
  134. Put a message in a bottle and set it sailing.
  135. Play charades with friends.
  136. Play spin the bottle.
  137. Give up TV for a week.
  138. Give up newspapers for a week.
  139. Make cards for all of the people you love.
  140. Learn to say No when you can’t.
  141. Go to a book store and read children’s books.
  142. Learn to say Yes when you can.
  143. Volunteer at a hospital or a library.
  144. Dance.
  145. Rent a movie and watch it alone.
  146. Sip tea and look out a window.
  147. Sit down in a public place and watch the world around you.
  148. Play hookie and go to a museum.
  149. Ice skate.
  150. Go for a run on a snowy morning.
  151. Forgive someone.
  152. Draw a picture with crayons.
  153. Blast opera and sit on the floor with your eyes closed.
  154. Eat ice cream.
  155. Sing.
  156. Write a silly song.
  157. Memorize a poem.
  158. Read the comics.
  159. Read your horoscope.
  160. Write your own daily horoscope.
  161. Set an intention before you get out of bed.
  162. Pray for world peace each morning before you get out of bed and each night when you get into bed.
  163. Tell someone you love them.
  164. Make smores.
  165. Decorate your home with balloons.
  166. Write notes to yourself all over your home that say: breathe
  167. Leave a note for someone in their home.
  168. Call a friend that you have been out of touch with.
  169. Send thank you notes to all of your friends, just because.
  170. Walk in the rain without an umbrella.
  171. Drink hot chocolate.
  172. Do something nice for someone without being asked to.
  173. Do favors and never expect anything from them.
  174. Do something nice and dedicate to your enemy
  175. Take a bike ride around town.
  176. Leave a note for your mailman introducing yourself.
  177. Buy a set of crayons and color.
  178. Yawn really loud and deep.
  179. Make funny faces at yourself in the mirror.
  180. Stretch before you get out of bed.
  181. Mess up your schedule.
  182. Invite your friends over for a tea party
  183. Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
  184. Do a headstand each morning.
  185. Do a somersault each day.
  186. Take a picture of your favorite everyday scene, frame it, and spend a few minutes looking at it each morning.
  187. Take a bath.
  188. Call someone and tell them that you miss them.
  189. Smile at yourself in the mirror.
  190. Read
  191. Learn to knit.
  192. Break your rules and commit to keep breaking them
  193. Take a long train ride to somewhere that you have never been
  194. Write your own horoscope, daily.
  195. Treat yourself to fresh flowers once a week (remember to smell them daily
  196. Spend the day with yourself at a museum
  197. Help someone who is lost to find their way
  198. Buy yourself a plant and watch it grow
  199. Stop saying NEVER, NO, NOT TODAY
  200. Listen to your inhales, listen to your exhales for 15 minutes each day
  201. Wish upon stars
  202. Go to the library and take out a book you have been meaning to read
  203. Make tea dates with friends
  204. Spend a few hours a week in a book store, browsing
  205. Sit on the floor whenever you can; feel your foundation
  206. Plan a birthday party for someone else
  207. Write down your dreams
  208. Call the person you have been meaning to call, now
  209. Tell someone that you love that you love them.
  210. Visit pet store and play with the animals.
  211. Turn your chores into a game. Each time you accomplish one, pretend you scored a touch down.
  212. Volunteer in your neighborhood.
  213. Unplug your television for a week.
  214. Live in the moment, forget the future (the future is a dream of your ego–it only exists in your imagination!)
  215. Walk.
  216. Part your hair in the opposite direction.
  217. Call a friend and thank them for being your friend.
  218. Draw with crayons.
  219. Bake a cake.
  220. Write a story about someone special in your life (and give it to them)
  221. Pretend you speak a different language and go shopping.
  222. Whistle
  223. Find a star in the sky and name it whatever you like.
  224. Find your star each night and share your dreams with it.
  225. Hold the door for strangers.
  226. Stop to look up into the sky each day and make a wish.
  227. Go sky diving
  228. Read poetry out loud
  229. Play what if with a friend
  230. Have a tea party
  231. Sit in a park and wave to all the do.
  232. Bird watch
  233. Skip home
  234. Sing a song
  235. Play ring and run
  236. Tell a preposterous lie
  237. Call a high school friend to say hello
  238. Eat dessert instead of a meal.
  239. Jump out of a plane (supervised, of course)
  240. Walk on the opposite side of the street
  241. Read poetry out loud
  242. Go to a nursing home and smile at the people who live there
  243. Sit by the ocean
  244. Go fishing
  245. Plant a garden
  246. Roll down a hill
  247. Walk barefoot
  248. Tell someone you love that you believe in them
  249. Pray
  250. Moonbathe under the full moon
  251. Go mudsliding
  252. Bake a cake and give it to your next door neighbor
  253. Bake cookies for a child
  254. Play charades
  255. Paint chinnigans on yourself
  256. Build a fort on your bed
  257. Tickle someone you love
  258. Have a pillow fight
  259. Have a food fight
  260. Let yourself be buried in sand
  261. Build a sandcastle
  262. Paint a picture of the sky
  263. Draw a map of your life and plant yourself in a destination from which you want to begin again.
  264. Give up caffeine.
  265. Look at the world upside down.
  266. Break your routine
  267. Let someone you love take you away from what you need to do for a day.
  268. When you are rushing, remember that the world will wait
  269. Share the things you love with other people–poems, stories
  270. call someone and tell them that you love them (and mean it)
  271. Sleep. Your mind and body need to recharge each day.
  272. Pray for other people. You don’t need to believe in religion or go to a church or temple. You can pray on the train, in your kitchen, on a walk. Send positive vibes to all the people you know and the ones you don’t know, too.
  273. Write down what you don’t like about yourself. put your note in a bottle, go to the water, and send it on it’s way. Be free of what you don’t want in your life.
  274. Change your perception.
  275. Love actively.
  276. Smell the flowers.
  277. Call someone and tell them you were thinking about them.
  278. Whistle as you walk.
  279. Remember that your world will change when you change.
  280. Bring your darkness to light by facing it and loving it. Love brings light.
  281. Have compassion for yourself and others.
  282. Make peace with your parents. The more you cling to the past, the more you miss out on the here and now.
  283. Love yourself, love people, love this earth. It all begins with love.
  284. Be disciplined.
  285. Ask an older person to dance a slow dance with you.
  286. Be courageous.
  287. Dare to defy.
  288. Remember that happiness is what happens when you decide to be happy.
  289. Love your life. It’s the only one you have to live.
  290. Watch the waves. Learn from them.
  291. Don’t hurt yourself.
  292. Create moments of sacred silence.
  293. Try to see the whole picture always. Live inside, but see yourself outside, too.
  294. Remember that mirrors only show reflections, never the whole picture.
  295. Angels surround you. It’s up to you to embrace them.
  296. Choose to take flight.
  297. Believe in magic.
  298. Show up for life each and every day.
  299. Write a song and sing it to yourself.
  300. Honor yourself. Honor others.
  301. Give more; do not be stingy with yourself.
  302. Transcend the past.
  303. Don’t let others dictate your dreams.
  304. Accept challenges: they teach us humility and faith.
  305. Believe in yourself.
  306. Pray for someone in need of help.
  307. Be quiet.
  308. Remember that after darkness comes light.
  309. Remember that you are never too busy.
  310. Give love to feel love.
  311. Bury your ego.
  312. Learn to accept criticism.
  313. Respect others.
  314. Have faith.
  315. Shine.
  316. Find focus.
  317. Stop seeking approval.
  318. Don’t blame other people.
  319. Invite tired travelers inside.
  320. Every time you feel reborn, buy a new plant.
  321. Watch the sharks in an aquarium.
  322. Write letters via snail mail.
  323. Do more for others. The more you give, the more you have.
  324. Experience now.
  325. Be patient.
  326. Celebrate the full moon each month—let it be a time of letting go of the old and setting new intentions.
  327. Make time for friendly lunches.
  328. Smell the flowers.
  329. Don’t spend time on things that feel like a waste.
  330. If the same situation keeps appearing before you, stop and experience it. Learn from it. That’s the only way you will ever be able to move past it.
  331. Experience sadness in order to transcend it.
  332. Ask yourself each day: if not now, when?
  333. Our grace lies in our power to love, not in our power to hate. Love.
  334. Love people because of who they are, not what they do.
  335. Learn from humility. It is your greatest teacher.
  336. Remember that miracles happen through you, not to you. Stay open by believing in miracles.
  337. Be excited (about everything!).
  338. Show up for your life each day.
  339. Smell the flowers.
  340. Remember that there’s never anyplace more exciting to be than where you are.
  341. Try to accept people without always having to understand them.
  342. Let go of guilt.
  343. Do not suppress guilt.
  344. Actively let go of the past.
  345. Choose to experience all that comes your way.
  346. Remember that gratitude is essential to happiness.
  347. Eat cookies.
  348. Look up words that you never knew the meaning of in a dictionary.
  349. Know when you need to be alone, and be alone.
  350. Know when you need to be with others, and be with others.
  351. Throw away five things a week that defined who you were.
  352. Call someone you are thinking about NOW. There is no later, only now.
  353. Be the first to say I love you.
  354. Cry when you need to.
  355. Have a conversation with a kid about something they want to talk about.
  356. Ask someone older than you what they wished for in life when they were young.
  357. What is not love is fear. Face your fears in order to love.
  358. Be the love you wish to feel.
  359. Wish peace for others.
  360. Surrender to what you do not know.
  361. Take time to arrange flowers in a vase.
  362. Reminisce with an old friend.
  363. Pray for strangers you pass on the street.
  364. Listen.
  365. Watch a bird’s flight.
  366. Let the ocean wash you to shore.
  367. Make a story out of the clouds.





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